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If I possessed a crest it would have fallen. My appeal for folk to tell me whether or not it's worth continuing to write in Scots fell on deaf ears. I might as well face it; nobody has been reading the site. Even the wee handful who were kind enough to respond on Twitter showed little sign of having actually looked at the bloody thing. 

So the old Scots Ee, written in Scots with a page in English, is going to enter a new phase - a second wave, if you like. It's been taken apart, reassembled and is now in pukka Old Etonian BBC English with a big page of blether in Scots. That's the page entitled Scots Jots


I don't know how you found the site but I'm glad you did so. To anybody who is  mad with me about the change, I apologise, but I was desperate!   


News from Scotland and from around the world is updated several times a day unless I'm away on a holiday. My opinions are more likely to be found on the Scots Jots page, where only Scots speakers/readers will be able to understand them.  If that category includes you, it will probably not take you long to know where it is I'm coming from, but if you don't want to know, that's fine. I understand how you feel; other people's opinions get on my nerves as well.


I might as well say it here: The Scots Ee says Aye to Scottish Independence. Aye, and Llarga Vida Gratuita Catalunya as well. And also, please do your best to be kind to people and to all living things. Thank you.

I don't upload gossip or rumours. You'll not find out who it was that went to the cludgie in Johnny Depp's bed here. And if I think a story is propaganda or lies it doesn't get onto the page, although it's always possible that one or two will slither their way in.

If you like what you see please tell your friends. If you don't, please tell me. If you can, I recommend using a laptop or PC rather than a phone, but that's just a bit of advice and not an instruction; it all looks a bit wordy on a mobile phone in my opinion, and sometimes the pictures obscure some of the words.

But never mind all that. Please carry on having a peek at this space, and Haste Ye Back.

See ye suin.


All the best. 



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