Faimilie o swans, Loch Ryan 

Keep the Heid

fir Scotland!




A big walcome tae the Scots Ee, a wabstaid fir speakers o the Scots leid.  A'm but a scholart masel, sae a cannae hecht that it's no a wheen o mistaks on thir pages. A prig fir yir forgieness.

A dinnae ken whit wey ye fun the staid but a'm gey gled that ye daed sae. 

Inglis is a braw leid fir the Inglis fowk but in Scotland it's primpit gash, gart on the common by cockapenties an traitors, an baffit oot o bairns fir hunders o years. We shoud aw be lairnin wir ain leid and speaking it wi ilk ither ilka day. Speak Scots an be prood tae dae sae.

The Scots Ee is the new name fir the Stranraer Observer.


Whit fir the chynge?


1 Hae ye aye heard a Scot uise the wird "observe?" (Actually, aye. Maist Scots haes observed the lockdoon but it's no aft ye'll hear a body say "A observed the burds in the gairden the forenuin.") 

2  A wad lik the staid tae be readen no ainly bi the neebors but bi fowk that stay ootwith Cleyhole an the Rhins tae.

3 It's gey important tae include the wird "Scots." 

Newins fae Scotland an fae aroond the warld is updatit severals times ilka day unless a'm on a vacance. Ma opeenions is mair likly tae be fund on the Blether & Scots Jots pages.  It will probably no tak ye a lang time tae ken whare a'm comin fae.


A mey as weel say it here: The Scots Ee says aye tae Scottish Unthirldom. Aye, an Llarga Vida Gratuita Catalunya tae. An forbye, aye ettle tae be kynd tae fowk an an tae aw livin things. Thank ye.

A dinnae uplaid clyped aboot clatter. Ye'll no fin oot wha it wis that gaed tae the cludgie in Johnny Depp's bed here. An gin a think a story is propaganda or lees it disnae get ontae the page, awtho it's aye possible that ane will skeeter its wey in.

Gin ye enjey whit ye see please tell yir freends. Gin ye dinnae, please tell me. 

Please cairrie on haein a swatch at this space, an Haste Ye Back.

See ye suin.


Aw the best. 



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