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George Galloway has stairted mair political pairties nor he has weirit hets, an offendit awmaist awbody, but this is probably the first time he has drapped intae the sewer. His Alliance4Unity pairty leuks tae be a hame fae hame fir bampots, an it's nae surpreese that the heids o baith the LibDems an Labour in Scotland has tellt him thay's wantin nocht tae dae wi him or wi his new billies.  
















Thon's Jean Mathieson on the kiver o the Sunday Mail. She says on social media that she warks fir Cumbernauld FM but she disnae. The radio fowk nae langer uises her, acause o her reecht-wing extremism that includes her saying she "luved" a tweet that cried George Floyd a black law-life shite an said that the warld is better wioot him. Forbye, she says that climate-chynge acteevists deser a kick in the erse, an that "fairies" has infiltratit the London polis.

Mathieson says that the Mail's story is ettlin tae "smear" her, awtho she cannae, an disnae, denee her ain wards. A4U's excuise that she said thae things lang syne is gash; George Floyd deed in May 2020, no in 1995, an Extinction Rebellion ainly cam tae prominence in the 2 year last.

A4U's wabstaid says: Jean Mathieson is the Drivetime presenter on local Sooth Scotland commune radio station Cumbernauld FM. She will be jynin George Galloway an Jamie Blackett on the Sooth Scotland leet.

A'm gled aboot thon, acause A stey in Sooth Scotland an A'm gey leukin forrit tae no votin for Galloway, Blackett or Mathieson. The wabstaid disnae mention that Jamie Blackett is an Auld Etonian laund-ainin tod hunter but descrives him as a jurnalist an ex-sodger. 

An interview wi Jamie Blackett bi The Times wis reportit 22 August. He is reportit tae hae said that the SNP has a paramilitar section, that he cries "blue faces," an that the Pairty uises the same tactics as Sinn Fein an the Proveesional IRA.

Lucky fowk in the Wast o Scotland can vote agin David Griffiths, that the staid says is a formidable debater attatcht equal-aqual tae the UK an Rangers FC!  Mr Griffiths wis heid-hunted by George Galloway an tweets as @EruditeUnionist. A've haed a wee keek, an he disnae seem tae me tae be awfie "erudite"; his page conseests maistly o "likin" an repeatin insults agin the SNP an lees ahent fowk that uphauds unthirldom. It's nae evidence o a formidable debater ava.

Septemmer 2020


War? Huh!

Whit is it guid fir? We aw ken the answer; absolute nocht. Freend ainly tae the unnertaker. Edwin Starr wis richt.

The UN says that 1% of the fowk in the warld is, the noo (August 2020), no cannin tae bide at hame or in thir hame toons an clachans acause o war, fleg an puirich. The Inglis government kens this, but thir repone haes been tae shut doon thair furrin aid depairtment and tae resume sellin wappens tae Saudi Arabie in despite o the blockade o Yemen that's causin fowk tae stairve. 

Oor ancestors wis fechtin in WW1 but a dout thay haed ony ken o whit it wis aw aboot. Whitever, it cannae hae been wirth aw thae mannies dyin in the cauld an the clart faur awa fae thir luved yins. But whit wis thir chyce? Gin thay didnae gae aff tae the war thay wis gien white feathers tae seembolise couartiness an wis like tae gae tae jeyl. Gin thay gaed tae fecht an fun the horrors tae be mair nor thae cuid keyp wi thay cuid be, an aften wis, shuiten in dishonour. 

Robert Graves, that wis a makar an the author o I Claudius, wis an officer in WW1 an wis askit tae tak pairt in a court martial o a sodger that wis accuised o castin doon his wappen an rinnin awa. He prigged tae be excuised acause he jaloosed it wadnae be jonick that he shuid duim a body tae daith fir daein whit he wad probably huv duin hissel. 

Ainly the USA sells mair wappens aroond the warld nor the UK. If ye sell drogs across mairches ye can be pat intae preeson fir 10 year, but sellin airms is like tae get ye a knichtheid.  

Tae say that it's siller tae be makkit in the airms business wad be tae unner-state the suith. It's lik haein a licence fir tae prent ££ an $$. 

Gin war is an ill thing, atomic war is a thoosand times warse. Thanks tae The Ferret we ken that the Inglis government warit an extrae £1 billion the year on atomic wappens, that's aw kep here in Scotland for aw that the FM is a member o CND. 

Juin 2020

Ahint the Pairk Inn attack

It's reportit (an no necessarily the suith acause ye cannae believe aw that ye read in the papers) that the 19 Juin attacker haed been bidin in a winnockless chaumer fir 3 months. Whit we dae ken is that Mears Group, the company gien the contract tae hoose asylum seekers bi the Inglis government, muived fowk oot o separate hoosin an into communal accommodation richt afore the peak o the Covid-19 creesis whan daein sae wad mak ivery body mair likly tae get infectit, and that follaein the muive aw financial help tae the fowk in the hostel wis resilit, leavin thaim no cannin tae gae oot an  buy  sweets,  fags or a newspaper. 

Efter the attack, evacuatit residents haed naewhare tae gae an a wheen o thaim wis gart tae sit in the street till 10.30 in the nicht. On a wairm day thay wis no cannin tae buy a boatil o watter acause thae haed nae siller.  An asylum seeker deed in his chaumer last month an some haed gane on hunger strike in protest at tynin thir £5 a day an being gart tae bide in crooded condeetions. 

The contract tae hoose asylum seekers in Glesga is wirth tens o millions o ££. Mears Group wis gien the contract efter Serco hud it takken awa acause o thair inhumane tactics, that includit herryin asylum seekers oot fae thir ruims an chyngin the locks fir tae forfend thaim fae hentin  thir gear.

It's haird tae imagine that thir puir fowk wad be gien warse treatment gin thae wis taen tae Barlinnie an pat intae a preeson cell. It's sae clear as daylicht that the ettle is deleeberately tae mak thir lifes hersh an unpleisant, as a deterrent. Ee witnesses tell us that the asylum seekers, tho predominantly black an African, haes the same nummer o heids, nebs, airms an shanks as maist ilka fowk an presumably, forbye, haes the same capacity fir tholin mental and pheesical puir heal. Gin this is the suith, the wey that Mears Group has been dealin wi thaim on behauf o the Inglis government can ainly be descrivit as cruel.

Juin 2020

Daes Racist Lifes Maiter?

It's no easy tae mak a case fir thaim. In a warld that needs luve thae gie us ainly hatred. At a time that we need peace thae bring veeolence. Suiner than enjey natur thae prefer tae tak fleg tae the loans o oor toons an ceeties.


Noise suiner nor calm. The awfu an ugsome insteid o the bonnie an bricht. Stinkin suiner nor sweet, caller air.  Pyne an crockanition afore heal an life.

Whit can we say aboot bodies that tak to the streets tae braidcast thir support fir slavery? Did thay see the picturs o George Floyd's murther bi Derek Chauvin and jalouse that it wis a braw thing tae birse the life oot o a man acause he wis black?


Ane o the maist dreidfu things ahent Officer Chauvin wis his casual mainer while he hud George Floyd aneath his knap. His haunds wis in his pooches and he wis clatterin tae his pals fir tae kythe tae awbody his dearth o interest in George Floyd's richt tae life. While ye an A wis scunnert, the kynd o bangsters an dunderheids that affrontit Glesga syne the BLM protesters takkit tae the loans wis, doutless, exceeted.


It wad hae been braw gin ane or twa haed seen ane o thair London billies bein cairried tae sauftie bi a black man an his boon o brithers the weekend o the veeolence in London an thocht again afore brakkin up the peaceful Nae Herryin Oot mairch. Nae chance. It wis aw thare. Ower muckle testosterone an alcohol; no eneuch humanity an nair a smitchin o compassion fir onybody. 

​Protectin the Cenotaph? Ma erse! 

​Lat's no pit on that we dinnae ken the gomerils is mainly follaers o Rangers FC, a fitbaw club that attracts begots lik nae ither in Scotland. Thon fact daesnae gar me tae feel ony wairmth taewart Celtic, mynd; thay haes a muckle o sectarian, homophobic an racist fans o thair ain. Wi aw respeck tae dacent an raisonable supporters o the Auld Firm a wiss a plague on baith thir hooses; aye, an on aw racists an rochians awwhaur.

​Gin ye can kaip wi readin aboot the sel-cried Naitional Defence League here's a linkie. I wad hae owersettit it but it wad hae taen up ower muckle o the page, and thay's no wurth it. Thir guide wis a body fae Leeds cried Lee Parkinson; a'm gey gled tae report that he is noo awa back in Ingland, sae gin we's lucky we'll mebbe hear nae mair o the NDL. 

nb Gin ye're wunnerin, the SE hasnae ainly recently diskivert racism. A gaed on ma erest anti-Naitional Front mairch in 1974. The NF wis ettled tae breeng aw the racist associes thegither, but suin it aw clift apairt, as the faur reecht has duin a wheen o times syne. It's nae surpreese that associes that's biggit on hatred cannae stap thirsels fae fawin oot wi ilk ither. We'd hae gey mair tae be wirryin ahent gin it wisnae sae. 

Juin 2020



Braw Newins on Crime

Stateestics fae 2018/19 kythe that Scotland is a saufer kintra nor it uist tae be. The Ned hasnae vainisht fae oor ceeties but he's no sae ubiquitous as wis aince the suith. A can ainly speak fir masel but haein stayed in baith Ingland an Scotland in the decade a feel muckle less in danger nor a daed in the soothron. Naebody has brakken in tae ma caur, or threitened tae kill me or ettled tae trick me intae haundin ower ma siller bi tellin me a waefu pack o lees aboot haein tint his/her train fare. No een aince hae a keekit oot the winnock an seed an unkent mannie in the gairden. It's less vandalism, less bawlin in the street an (a ken this mey no be likeweys in Glesga, Auld Reekie an Dundee) less stealin fae shaps, druckenness an drog abuise an aw.

A'm no sayin Scotland's streets an loans is aw sweetness an licht, but thae nummers is gey promeesin. A kintra that's no at war wi itsel is gey like tae be mair plaisant tae bide in nor ane that's fowk is clautin ilk ither tae slivereens ower Brexit an racism; thon fact mey be deceesive in expleenin a pairt o the differ atween oorsels an the Inglis fowk the noo. 

Ingland haes some braw kintra an a wheen o bonnie toons but, forbye, its nae-gae pairts in some ceeties. Een afore Brexit, a wadnae hae daundert in bits o London, Leeds or Manchester nicht or day. Thay's ower dangerous tae yir heal!

Mey 2020

Saufin Mither Yird efter COVID-19


A'm a lucky laddie tae be bidin oot in the kintra bi the sea. At ae time a steyit in a ceety. It wis a constant dirdum and bowf, and on a bricht simmer day a smeikie gray clood hingit in the lift ower aw the hooses an pooshint the fowk doon on the grun. The air itsel wis awfie drumlie.

In lockdoon, wi less economic acteevity in the warld, fowk that hadnae sniftit caller air fir years syne fun thair nebs, een and lichts feelin better fir the dearth o cairs and larries an filth. It's mair easy fir tae breethe and guid for the heal. 

We've been ill-kyndit tae Mither Yird fir ower lang. Mebbe we wis in want o a kick up the bahookie tae mynd us on that fact. It wad be glaikit for us tae no lairn fae whit's gaein on the noo. Efter COVID-19 fowk, howpfully,  willnae be sae thrang and thon is no a ill thing. Insteid o pollutin the warld we can aw stap and sniff the rases.

Forbye this is oor muckle opportuin tae slaw doon the rate o climatic cheenge. Gin we dinnae dae sae noo we're duimt for aw time. We cannae be dotin a deein wairld tae oor bairns and oor grandbairns. 

Nae mair new caurs. Nae mair flichts by aerieplane tae ither kintras ootwith the UK and Ireland. We're lairnin tae bide hame an it's no the muckle saicrifeece efter aw.

The nummer o ainimal speshies in Scotland haes dwinnlit bi 24% syne 1994. Thon suid no be acceptable tae Scots. Mebbe we didnae goam sae here but 2019 wis the hettest iver year in Europe an 11 o the hettest 12 haes been in the last 20 year. 

Atween haunds, mair nor 10,000 square kilometers o Amazon rain forest wis hewen doon the year last, an protestin, espeicially in Sooth America, is gey dangerous

Greenland's ice is meltin fester nor aye afore. In the month o Julie 2020 alane it wis 6,803 anses in the Amazon Forest. Awmaist 3 billion ainimals haes been kilt, scaithed or displaced bi fire in Australie in the year last. 

It's the noo or nair for the futur o the Yird!

An lat's aw be kynd tae beasts. Ane o the mucklest plaisirs o bein alloued tae traivel mair nor 5 mile again is the chance o seein a rae or a maukin in a fauld, or burds at the saunds or bi a loch or a river. But we shuidnae just be conseederate tae ainimals acause we think thay's braw tae see. Thae deser oor compassion acause thay hae the capacity tae feel fleg an pyne juist as we dae. Een the peediest insect will flichter aff gin ye approach it an the raison is that it's no in its best interests tae be baffed an kilt. 

Gin ye see a newly-born cauf wi its mither ye can see that thae enjey bein thegether. Gin the cauf is remuived the coo will mane bi mooin an cryin fir her wean. Aw mammals feel the same wey. Conseederin the amoont o pollution an glesshoose gas producit bi ainimal fermin, gin ye's wantin tae pertect the Yird takkin up a vegan diet is ane o the best things ye can dae.

Mey 2020

Talkin o Mental Heal 


Dinnae blether tae  me aboot doon-castin.

Naw! A'm sairy. DAE talk tae me aboot it, espeecially gin ye're no cannin tae talk tae ilka ither body the noo. A’ve been thare; A’ve been unner the Creesis Team, A’ve seen psychiatrists, A telt ma doctor A ettled tae kill masel afore the end o the day an A plant whit wey A wis gaunae dae it. But a nair did an slaw an shuir a gat better. Noo, mair nor a decade haes gane by an a’m delitit an gratefu aye tae be here.

But A cuidnae hae gat thro it bi masel. A needit help baith fae experts an fae freends. A mynd bein ower up-sitten tae gat aff the sofae fir tae pat aff the telly whan the snuiker cam on an syne finnin, tae ma surpreese efter 20 or 30 meenits, that snuiker cuid actually be fair interestin. Whan the players gaed aff fir a rest a fund masel leukin forrit tae seein thaim come back oot tae play an ilka frame. It wis a man in the audience that wuir a different coloured fitba sark ilka day an A uist tae wunner which yin he wad be weirin naist time. Thon wis ane pairt o ma  rekivery. 

A cuidnae watch a pictur tae the feenish acause A wis wirrit that it cuid hae a waesome bit that wad send me back tae ma daurk hole, sae whan A daed sit aw the wey thro a comedy thon wis an ilka milestane a haed passed. A cuidnae sleep in the nicht, sae ma days wis fou wi dreid o the next sleepless nicht an A wis aye faggit oot, sae A needit ma doctor tae tak control. She ordert me tae tak sleepin peels tho a protestit, an threitent me wi awfu consequences gin a refuisit tae tak the anti-dooncastin peels she prescrivit. Foranent her A dissowed intae a great muckle spoonge that leakit tears an snot aw ower her dask an fluir. She haed nair been ma fauvourite body in the practice afore thon day but she wis brilliant. 

A seempathetic, an/or empathetic lug, be it fae a doctor, nuirice or freend, warks wunners. Ye cuid feel guilty an sel-paipint fir cowpin yir meesery on ither fowk, but maist fowk dinnae mynd ava. Thae ken ye wad provide the same service fir thaim gin the seetiation wis reverst.

It disnae hae tae be be a trigger fir doon-castin. A’ve fun that o three gey sairious speals in ma  life the langest an the warst wis the yin that haed nae obvious cause.  The 9 month fae August 2008 tae May 2009 wis lik a lang nichtmare but, believe me, regairdless o claims fowk micht mak fir heroin, fitbaw or hochmagandie, nocht in the warld is better nor the realisation that ye're no doon-castit ony mair. 

Whan ye're doon at the dowp o the dowpless pit ye're suir tae believe that ye'll nair get better but a'm the pruif that it's no sae. Fir this raison, at a time whan mental heal services is een mair difficult to aiccess nor uisially, please keep talkin. Tell fowk the wey that ye feel or haiver aboot aething ye like.

Wi aw guid wisses


Mey 2020


We're no needin scunners lik this: 

acause thay's nae better nor this:

Nae fascists, please.


Nicola Sturgeon is bein attackit fae aw directions bit the fowk o Scotland isnae takkin the hint an is refusisin tae hate her like her critics wad hae us dae. Aw raisonable fowk feel sairy fir fowk that's tynin siller acause thair businesses is shutten doon, bit pentin thair ain waws wi anti-Nicola slogans an cryin her a Nazi maks nae sense ava. She isnae (1) pairsonally responsible fir ivery decision taen on Covid-19 policy or (2) actin oot o spite or fir ill-gaen raisons. 


Aye, fowk in thir businesses is tholin a muckle sair blaw, bit no as muckle as the blaws that afflictit nairises, doctors, ambulance warkers, care warkers, NHS cleaners, receptionists, porters &c. atween Mairch an Julie.

It's the Alex Salmond case an aw, that's noo an anti-Nicola crusade. It's a maleecious gang o male chauvinists and transphobes that will nair accept her as FM or as heid o the SNP, an thay accuise her of conspirin again Alex to hae him impreesoned fir sexual assaut tho it's nae raison whit fir she wad be wantin the tribble o daein sae. Alex wis fun no guilty on aw chairges bit ane, in that the deceesion wis no proven. That's true, bit it disnae follae that the chairges wis aw fause. No ivery trial that feenishes wi a verdict o no guilty wis the ootcome o a conspeeracy; mair like the evidence wisnae strang eneuch fir a conveection. Whit is evident is that Alex, awtho no guilty o a crime, behauvit ill. That's no Nicola's faut, it's Alex's. 

Maist Scots jalouse that  she warks gey diligently, cares ahent the fowk o Scotland an daes the best she can dae in teuch circumstances that's no o her makkin. Internet braves micht feel deeferently bit thay's baffin thair heeds again a waw, an lang may it be sae. It wad be a guid hing gin thair headaches is sae pynefu that thay lie doon in a dairk chaumer an gie Nicola a bit o peace.  

October 2020



...has annoonced that it will gaunstand unthirldom at the Holyrood elections naist year. A can unnerstaund whit fir the Inglis pairty wad be anti-Indy, acause wioot Scottish votes thay's unlike tae win a majority at Westminster again, but A'd hae thocht that winnin a Scottish election wad be hairder, as the SNP has scuipit up the feck o anti-Tory opeenion on oor side o the mairch. 

A hae the feelin that Richard Leonard wad lik tae chynge his Pairty's view but has no been alooed tae dae sae. He kens that a system that aloos the Tory Pairty tae rin Scotland again an again wioot a mandate is undemocratic but ilka time he ettles tae creaut a commune on unthirldom inwith the Pairty he is telt tae wheesht.

Richard wis an antrin chyce fir heidsman o Scottish Labour. He's no Scottish, an Scots uisually dinnae lik tae be telt whit tae dae bi Inglis fowk. It's ower easy tae tell him that gin he disnae support whit maist Scots is wantin he can bugger aff back tae Yorkshire. 

Still an on least he bides in Scotland, no lik knicht o the kinrick Kier Starmer, that wis born in London, gaed tae schuil in Reigate an tae university in Leeds an Oxford an is MP fir Holborn & St Pancras. He has nae mair richt tae govern Scotland than he has tae rule ower France, an A'm suir he'll be gettin the message lood an clear in thae elections naist year.

Syne A scrievit the abune Richard Leonard's poseetion as heid o the Labour Pairty in Scotland haes cam unner sairious threit. Some o Labour's members haes seen Jackson Carlaw hoyit oot o the heidship o the Tories an thay's ettlin tae dae likwise tae thir ain tap man. He's haudin on the noo bit thare's no muckle dout that his time is aw bit up. 


Septemmer 2020

2014 and Aw Thon


A've heard it sayed that mair nor 70% of Scottish ceetizens born in the lave o the UK (owerwhelmingly sae gin born in Ingland) votit coonter unthirldom in 2014. Pairsonal experience telt me that this claim wisnae richt, but an academic vizzie, the Scottish Referendum Study, speirit at a saumple o 5000 voters an ane o its conclusions is that it's an actual fact that Inglis fowk in Scotland votit, by mair than twa thrids, fir the Union.

It's an interestin study in rowth o weys. Some o its findins surpreesed me, an a hae tae awn that a cannae fin a monie raitional explanations for maist o thaim.

Thir is the ootcomes:


£0 – £19,999   AYE 53.2%   NAW 46.8%
£20k – £29,999   AYE 43.5%   NAW 56.5%
£30k – £44,999   AYE 49.8% NAW 50.2%

£45K+   AYE 50.5% NAW 49.5%


16-19   AYE 45.7%   NAW 54.3%
20- 24   AYE 45.9%   NAW 54.1%

25-29   AYE 62.2%   NAW 37.8%
30-39   AYE 55.2%   NAW 44.8%
40-49   AYE 52.9%   NAW 47.1%

50-59   AYE 47.7%   NAW 52.3%

60 -69   AYE 40.5%   NAW 59.5%
70+   AYE 32.9%   NAW 67.1%


Wi a degree AYE 48.3% NAW 51.7%
Nae degree AYE 47.8% NAW 52.2%


AYE 50.2%   NAW 49.8%
Ither UK   AYE 29.8%   NAW 70.1%
Elsewhaur   AYE 43.2%   NAW 56.8%


Protestant   AYE 39.9%   NAW 61.1%

Catholic   AYE 57.7%   NAW 42.3%
Nane   AYE 52.1%   NAW 47.9%
Ither   AYE 52.5%   NAW 47.5%


Male   AYE 52.7%   NAW 47.8%
Female   AYE 43.4%   NAW 56.6%

Basit on thay feegurs the tairget demographic group luiks tae be young and auld Protestant Inglis and Welsh weemen wi nae degree and an income atween £20k and £30k. It wuid take a better scholart nor me tae ken whit fir this shuid be sae.

Mairch 2020

2014 wis teuch tae thole.

Naist time let's be dancin in the street insteid o greetin in it.

A Dowlie tale, but true


In 1916 ma grandmither wis trystit tae a laddie cried Billy Andrews. He wis kilt on the Somme in WW1, that ma grandfeither tint an ee forbye but wis lucky eneuch and cannie eneuch tae win hame alive. He met Billy's manin fiancée, Blanche Cooper, hertent her, pat her intae the club and syne mairit her. 

While puir Billy wis in France gettin hissel killt Blanche wis in service at a Muckle Hoose. The Madam o the Hoose cried her Jane acause she thocht the name Blanche wis ower heich an michty fir a servand lassie. When anither lassie's brither wis kilt in the coals the puir lassie beggit tae be alooed tae gang tae the buirial, but she wisnae.

As grandfeither Albert Bradshaw haed bit the ae ee it wis gey dangerous fir him tae ride his motorbike tae and fae his wark. Drivin tests cam in in 1935 but it wis ower late fir Albert. On  his wey hame ane Seturday in 1934 he didnae see a caur that cam on his blin side and he wis killt in an amshach.

Efter he tint the ee Albert wis gien a war alooance o £1 a week. Awtho he deed as a consequence o his misst ee, his weedae Blanche, wha wis pregnant wi her third wean, wis telt that she wadnae inherit thon £1; it immediately stapped. The faimilie wis awfie sair aff.

There wis nae weelfare state in thae times. Blanche haed tae requeest assistance  fae a local chairity associe.  She gat a veesit fae a "dame" an as she didnae want hir dochter (ma maw) tae leuk lik a gangrel fornent thon dame she telt her tae weir her ainly guid mantie. The dame seed the kirtle, admired it, decidit that gin the faimilie cuid affuird bonnie manties thay didnae richt hae want o assistance an consequently the requeest fir help wis refuised. 

Ma maw wis hame aff schuil ane day whan she wis aye ainly 7 or 8. Blanche wis oot at wark while an auntie leukit efter the wee wean. A man weirin a suit chapped on the door an askit tae see her mither. Whan ma maw telt him she wisnae hame he said tae  tell Blanche that gin she didnae pey the rent by the weekend thay wad aw be herried oot. It wis ainly ma Uncle Arthur immediately quattin schuil and gettin a job that sauft the hale faimilie fae bein hoyit oot o thir hame.

The moral o the story is that nostalgie fir days afore the Weelfare State is nocht but gash. Life is aye ill fir fowk wha are on beenefits the noo but it wis the waur in the 1930s. A wheen o fowk aye jalouse that the warkin cless are born for nae ither purpose but tae wark, and that gin they dinnae dae sae thay and thair bairns is deserin tae stairve. It's a cause o stories lik the yin abune that a dinnae gree. Thon's whit fir a'm a socialist.

Mairch 2020

A Brig Ower Faur


Portpatrick herbour wis aff limits the nicht o 4 Mey. A muckle o wappens fae WW2 is aneth the sea, an a dredger is thocht tae hae unkivert a bomb. This incident kythes that biggin a brig fae Portpatrick tae Larne is probably no a gey braw idea.



Photies in the papers o Prince William haudin hauns wi his wee laddie George on a groose muir near tae Balmoral mynds us that it's huge airies o Scotland that ye an me's no alooed tae daunder on acause they belangs tae rich fowk fae ither kintras. A fin shuitin burds an beasts tae be a scunnersome acteevity nae maiter wha's daein it or whare it haipens, bit for an Inglis prince tae be daein the killin on a Scottish muir is parteecularly annoyin.

Aw thon laund that cuid be a sauf haven fir beasts or cuid be cultivatit fir oor ain beenifit isnae just wastit but is bein uist fir ill-kynded vandalism. Aye, a feck o jobs is dependant on the masscacre bit that disnae mak it richt, an naither daes it represent guid vailye whan ye jalouse aw the ither things we cuid be daein if that land genuinely belangit tae the fowk o Scotland.

It's oor land! Unthirldom fir Scotland will be pyntless gin we lat laundawners keep it tae thirsels efter we's wan oor freedom. A'm wantin a republic; the Royal Faimilie is aucht mair nor eneuch aiverels in Ingland awready. Gin the Inglis fowk is willin tae allou thir maisters tae steal thir laund an uise it fir tae slauchter innocent ainimals it's nocht tae dae wi us bit it's nae raison whit fir we shuid lat thaim cairy on daein it here. 

The verra fact that William gart his son tae gae wi him tae see the killin kythes that the faimily is ettlin tae conteena its bluid-thristy tradeetions forrit an ayont. Thon's gey awfu. Gin ye maun be sae cruel, dae yir murtherin in yir ain back coorts, ye radges! 

In Septemmer it wis annoonced that sae lang as thay keep tae social hynin rules groose shuiters can cairry on killin burds in Scotland. Whit a couartly sell-oot bi the Scottish guvrenment is thon!

Septemmer 2020

Lat's mak oor ain drog laws

Scotland has Europe's warst drogs problem an Glesga's is the wairst in Scotland. Glesga Cooncil, wi the support o the Scots Government, wad gey like tae creaut consumpt rooms, that fowk that's addictit can get thir drogs and tak thaim in sauftie, for tae avyde the mischance o deeth via drumlie needle or owerdose in the street, but drog policy is ane o the airies that the UK Government aye reserves for itsel. Sae, Glesga fowk cannae hae thir sauf consumpt rooms and we'll aye be seein hameless heroin and crack yaisers lyin streekit oot in the cauld streets surroondit by thir paraphernalia, wi nae cannie meetigation tae be seen onywhare.

In Februar, Inglis Government meenister Kit Malthouse telt the BBC that consumpt rooms is "a distraction" and that a "mair assertive" approach wis needit tho he didnae spell oot whit he wis meanin or whit he wis gaein tae dae, or wha he wis plannin tae get tae dae it.


A hoose o Commons comitie that includit 4 Tories speirt intae the maiter o Scotland's problem an makkit recommendations. 7 Septemmer the Inglis guvrenment rejectit aw o thaim an sayed that it's no Public Heal Creesis! 

Ane thing we aw ken is that Scotland is bein preventit fae takin the action we chuise tae, on a maiter that affects Scotland a muckle mair nor England (exceptin London) an Wales, acause the Government that the Scots didnae elect in 2019 hauds sway ower the ane we votit fir in 2016. Ainly whan we hae the pooer tae decide oor ain drogs laws and policy can we tak the practical staps we need fir tae reduce the warst daith rate fae drogs in aw o Europe.

An the maist cannie stap o aw wuid be simply this: legalise aw o thaim. Let's hae the yaisers saufly inbye, the drogs awa fae the ceety streets an the dealers oot o business.

Apryle 2020

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